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Ecocentrism and sustainability


Gray J and Crist E (2023) From darkness back into the light: Humanity’s rewilding imperative. The Ecological Citizen 6(1): 3–8. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2022) Life's shared dependence on water: A potential wellspring of ecocentric concern and interspecies kinship. Visions for Sustainability 18: 93–105. [ARTICLE]

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Gray J and Curry P (2015) Does conservation need an 'exit strategy'? The case for considering minimal management as a long-term goal. ECOS 36(2): 28–32. [ARTICLE]


Gray J (2021) Thirteen Paces by Four: Backyard biophilia and the emerging earth ethic. Dixi Books, London, UK. [FIND BOOK]  [SAMPLE CHAPTER]

Gray J, ed (2021) Visions for a Post-Covid World: Defining a radically new normal. Dixi Books, London, UK. [SAMPLE CHAPTER]


Crist E and Gray J, eds (2019) The biodiversity crisis. The Ecological Citizen 3(Suppl A). [ISSUE]


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Kopnina H, Washington H, and Gray J (2022) Anti-environmentalism in critical social science and new conservation. In: Tindall D, Stoddart MC and Dunlap RE, eds. Handbook of Anti-Environmentalism, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK: 423–38. [MORE DETAILS]

Kopnina H, Gray J, Washington H, and Piccolo J (2021) Celebrate the Anthropocene? Why "techno-eco-optimism" is a strategy of ultimate denial. In: Grušovnik T, Spannring R, and Syse KL, eds. Environmental and Animal Abuse Denial: Averting our gaze, Lexington Books, London, UK: 169–85. [MORE DETAILS]

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Gray J (2023) Beware the Batesian rebel. Earth Tongues, 4 October. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2023) An eagle’s return to Scottish skies. Rewilding Successes, 4 October. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2023) Love, existence, and the nature of picture postcards. Earth Tongues, 30 September. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2023) Family life in a nature-loving world. Population Balance, 3 April. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2023) Beneath the birch and pine: Prelude to a series. Earth Tongues, 25 January. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2023) WITNESS: The dissipation of wildness (a personal experience). Earth Tongues, 11 January. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2022) Inconveniences at the farmers' market. Earth Tongues, 16 December. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2022) A knowledge for thirst: Water, empathy, and kinship. Earth Tongues, 26 May. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2022) A liberté without freedom, an égalité devoid of fairness, and a fraternité blind to kinship: Life as a bird in France. Earth Tongues, 4 May. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2022) Enfranchising the ecosphere: Giving political voice to the many. Untold Stories, 12 January. [ARTICLE]

The Editors (2021) Open letter to Faroe Islanders: Please stop the slaughter of whales and dolphins. Earth Tongues, 23 September. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2021) Technoscepticism and the machine-proof Muir. Earth Tongues, 4 August. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2021) Smiles and scowles: Puzzles in the Forest. Earth Tongues, 27 July. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2021) How rewilding can start at home. Rewilding Earth, 8 March. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2021) Gardening for wildlife as a powerful individual stance against ecocidal trends MAHB Blog, 4 February. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2021) A radical new look at gardening for wildlife. Ecohustler, 2 February. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2020) Bare-faced forestry. Earth Tongues, 19 September. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2020) The zebras of Kidderminster. Earth Tongues, 10 August. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2020) What if non-humans had a political voice? MAHB Blog, 30 April. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2020) Life and death in the suburbs. Earth Tongues, 22 April. [ARTICLE]

Gray J (2020) Other lives. City Creatures Blog, 4 February. [ARTICLE]

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Gray J and Whyte I (2019) Water – a free-flowing subject that reveals the urgent need for humanity to change its course. The Ecological Citizen 2(2): 121–7. [ARTICLE]
– This piece includes a box essay titled 'A spring of empathy in a barren landscape'. [BOX ESSAY]

Gray J (2018) Armchair ecotourism: A tribute to Edward Abbey. The Ecological Citizen 1(2): 145–7. [ARTICLE]

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Gray J (2021) A review of Whole Earth Living by Kathleen Smythe. Solutions Journal, 26 February. [ARTICLE]


Schläppy ML and Gray J (2018) Rights of nature: A report on a conference in Switzerland. The Ecological Citizen 1(1): 95–6. [ARTICLE]


Gray J (2022) Treading lightly and giving back to nature: The need for a new culture in recreational activities. Remote oral presentation at: ILAS-HUFS HK+ 2nd International Conference, 14–16 February.

Gray J (2021) Advocating, inspiring, and operationalizing ecocentrism. Remote oral presentation at: Autumn Webinar of the Society for Conservation Biology (Europe Section), 16–19 November. [PROGRAMME]

Gray J (2021) Ecocentrism and the human relationship with plants. Remote oral presentation at: Being with Plants, 17–18 June. [YOUTUBE VIDEO]

Gray J (2018) Waste away: How research ethics reinforces the case for systematic reviews and meta-analysis in ecoscience. Poster presented at: 2nd International Conference of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, 16–20 April, Paris, France. [POSTER]

Gray J (2017) Transfrontier conservation areas as an antidote to border walls and fences. Video presentation at: 6th Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development, 11–12 December, Geneva, Switzerland. [TRANSCRIPT]

Gray J (2016) Ecocentric democracy: Enabling the rights of nature. Oral presentation at: 5th Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development, 12–16 December, Geneva, Switzerland. [SLIDES]

Gray J (2016) An ecocentric framework for decision-making in rewilding. Poster presented at: The Future of Wild Europe, 12–14 September, Leeds. [POSTER]

Gray J (2015) Enabling a more critical attitude to assessing the benefits and costs for non-human nature of active woodland management: A systematic literature review to identify knowledge gaps. Poster presented at: Wild Thing? Managing Landscape Change and Future Ecologies, 9–11 September, Sheffield. [ABSTRACT]


Gray J (2016) 'The Real World': How Ecocentrism Diverges from Anthropocentrism. Talk at: Ecological Ethics (a meeting of the South West Futurists), 22 March, Bristol.

Gray J (2015) Self-willed land. Talk at an edge event to: International Permaculture Conference, 8–9 September, London.


Peacock D (2020) Interview with Doug Peacock. The Ecological Citizen 4(1): 30–32. (Questions posed by Joe Gray.) [INTERVIEW]


The Earth (2020) A letter to humanity from the Earth. The Ecological Citizen 4(1): 6. (Channelled by Howard Goldson and Joe Gray.) [LETTER]

deep green earth

Prairie dog, Wyoming, USA

Natural history


Gray J and Noss R (2021) Fostering a love of the living world – or, the need for a grand revival of natural history. In: Gray J, ed. Visions for a Post-Covid World: Defining a radically new normal, Dixi Books, London, UK: 45–59. [DOWNLOAD CHAPTER]


Gray J (2023) On algorithms and assassin bugs: Challenging the uncritical promotion of nature identification apps. The Ecological Citizen 6(2): epub-090. [ARTICLE]

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Gray J and Koricheva J (2017) The impact of partial overstorey removal on insect and arachnid diversity in temperate and boreal forests: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Poster and lightning talk presented at: Ecology Across Borders, 11–14 December, Ghent, Belgium. [POSTER]

Gray J (2016) Do insects that overwinter as adults in British woodland exhibit a preference for south-facing hibernacula? Oral presentation at: Forest Insects and their Allies Second Annual Meeting, 5 April, Peterborough. [ABSTRACT]


Gray J (2021) Gardening for wildlife. Talk for the St Albans Green Party, 26 May, online.

Gray J (2021) Backyard biophilia. Talk for the St Albans Friends of the Earth group, 1 March, online.

Gray J (2016) The little things that matter: The world of invertebrates. Talk at the Herts and Middlesex Festival of Wildlife, 31 July, Hertford.

Gray J (2016) Invertebrates on an old French lavender farm. Talk for the British Naturalist's Association Herts branch, 5 March, Welwyn.

Fiction written under the pen name Dewey Dabbar


The Gardens of Greenspring Road (2021, Dixi Books) – a novel. [FIND BOOK]

A Sense of Modesty (2021) – a 101-word short story on [STORY]

Not In Our Nature: Four little stories (2020) – a collection of short stories self-published under the Impudent Raven imprint. [Currently unavailable.]

The Utah Bureau of Improvement: Three unreal stories (2020) – a mini-collection of thematically linked short stories self-published under the Impudent Raven imprint. [BOOK]

The Raucous Sky: A tale of ecorebellion in the English countryside (2020) – a novella-length story self-published under the Impudent Raven imprint. [Currently unavailable.]

"Hope lies in the children" (2020) – a short story in Into the Ruins, Issue 15. [STORY]

Potential (2020) – a 101-word short story on [STORY]


Down the line – a short-short story in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Issue 12.2. [STORY]


deep green earth