Hopping Frog 🐸


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The goal of this game is to advance through the levels, and in order to complete each level you need to navigate the frog safely to one of the marked squares in the top row of the landscape map. Why? Because it's what frogs do. You start each level with a health of 5 and an energy of 10; if your health or energy drops to zero, or if you run out of moves, you will need to restart the level and try again.

On each turn, provided that you have enough goes left, you can choose to move in one of four directions (unless you are on an edge) or you can decide to rest. You cannot rest twice in a row. And the range of options declines if the number of goes you have left becomes too close to the number of moves needed to get to the top row (be mindful that the restrictions do not take into account necessary lateral movement).

Each time you move into a new habitat square, there may be an impact on your health (because of dangers that exist, such as road traffic on highways) or on your energy (the net difference between the energy cost of movement and the food that is available). Resting can help you restore health.

There are various types of habitat in the game; each is denoted by a particular colour, and each is associated with different impacts on health and energy. The precise impacts vary from level to level, but they are always explicitly stated in a handy matrix. One thing that is constant, though, is that, regardless of the habitat type, resting neither restores nor uses energy.

It is up to you whether you want to see yourself as merely a guiding hand or as the actual frog. (For what it's worth, the game's designer plays as the frog. But then he is known to spend early-spring nights sitting in small bodies of water while rehearsing his vocal repertoire.)

You can start up from where you left off by noting down the six-letter code for the last level you were on.

Finally, if you are playing it on a device with a small screen, such that the gameplay is presented in a one-column, rather than a two-column, format, please note that you will need to scroll down to get information on your health, your energy, and so forth.


This game was written and coded by Joe Gray.