Forest Walk 🌲

Escape from the City



The goal is to reach the far side of the forest, although there are two other possible positive endings inside the game.

You begin your forest walk with a vitality level of 7, a forest spirit of 1, and a forest wisdom of 1. Vitality, spirit, and wisdom cannot exceed 9. Spirit and wisdom cannot drop below 1, but vitality can, and if it does your game is over. There are a couple of early possible scenarios in which you 'lose your vitality' (a polite term for 'kick the bucket' [a flippant term for 'die']). If you fall at either of these two hurdles, this game may not be your cup of tea.

You also start the game with a lucky pebble in your possession. To collect another object, at any point, you must part with the existing object that you hold.

Certain options in the game will only become available if you hold a particular object and/or if one or more of your values are above a certain level.

During gameplay, you can save your progress at any point by clicking the button labelled 'Exit and get progress code'. If you copy the progress code, you can paste it into the box below at any point to resume from where you left off.

(If you were so inclined, you could reverse engineer the base64 encoding of the progress string and improve your vitality, spirit, and wisdom. You could also work out the impending impact on your vitality when there is a range of possible values by looking at the page source code. You should be warned, though, that the forest creatures do not look kindly on such meddling.)


This game was written and coded by Joe Gray.

Or paste in a progress code