deep green earth



Faith, challenged

Joe Gray

Publication date: 3 November 2020

"It can all be done formulaically. You know, with an algorithm." This, or some variation, was a favorite pronouncement of Jake's, when speaking in private.

But to colleagues at his creative agency, where he was the go-to for naming new businesses, his boast was never mentioned. So they did not know about his self-scripted generator that paired an emotion-laden word—'love', say—with a feature of the natural world, such as 'river'.

The occasional output challenged his faith in computers. There was, for instance, the account for a revamped eatery, where Jake nixed the suggestion.

There would be no Heartburn Cafe. 

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Thirteen Paces by Four: Backyard Biophilia and the Emerging Earth Ethic

Paces by Four:

Backyard Biophilia and the Emerging Earth Ethic


"A lyrical mix of backyard naturalism, Do-It-Yourself rewilding, eco-philosophical exegeses, and reflections on 'the storm of now', Joe Gray's work is a grounded meditation on how we can meet the present-day Earth calamity. May humanity awaken to the love and awe that unassumingly flow from every page."
Eileen Crist, author of Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization

"With Thirteen Paces by Four, Joe Gray has written a new classic of ecological literature. In its own unassuming way, it stands alongside the work of Aldo Leopold, Edward Abbey, John Muir, Annie Dillard and others in the same class—but especially, perhaps, that of Henry David Thoreau."
Patrick Curry, author of Enchantment: Wonder in Modern Life