Photo project

The Cairngorms Up-Close

The Cairngorms Up-Close

'The Cairngorms Up-Close' is a project in which, via close-up photography, I am documenting some of the less-acclaimed wild beings (as well as signs of some of the more famed denizens) of the Cairngorms National Park. This protected area is almost twice as large as the next biggest such landscape in Great Britain.

The park comprises the Cairngorms themselves, which are a massif in the eastern Highlands of Scotland, as well as surrounding lower-lying land that includes the largest surviving remnants of ancient Caledonian pine forest.

My aim is to spotlight the 'secret sights' missed by drivers, mountain-bikers, horse-riders, joggers… all but those who travel slowly and stop often.

In the dropdown lists below, * denotes species for which the Scottish Highlands represent the majority, or all, of their range in Great Britain.