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Joe Gray is a field naturalist and eco-activist who lives in the catchment of the River Colne on the island known as Great Britain. He is a biodiversity recorder for shieldbugs and allies, is currently studying for a PhD in conservation biology, and is a knowledge advisor on ecological ethics for the United Nations' Harmony with Nature programme.


deep green earth

Current and Past Editor Roles

Associate EditorThe Ecological Citizen

Past EditorThe Hertfordshire Naturalist


FZS (Fellow of the Zoological Society of London)

MBNA (Member of the British Naturalists' Association)

MemRES (Member of the Royal Entomological Society)


September 2016 to present – Candidate for PhD in Conservation Biology (part time), Royal Holloway University of London

2013–2016 – MSc in Forestry (part time), Bangor University

2008 – MA in Zoology gratis, University of Cambridge

2000–2003 – BA Hons in Zoology, University of Cambridge


Ecocentrism, ethics, and wildness


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Gray J (2017) Transfrontier conservation areas as an antidote to border walls and fences. Video presentation at: 6th Annual International Conference on Rights of Nature for Peace and Sustainable Development, 11–12 December, Geneva, Switzerland. [TRANSCRIPT]

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Gray J (2016) 'The Real World': How Ecocentrism Diverges from Anthropocentrism. Talk at: Ecological Ethics (a meeting of the South West Futurists), 22 March, Bristol.

Gray J (2015) Self-willed land. Talk at an edge event to: International Permaculture Conference, 8–9 September, London.

Forests and insects


Gray J, Healey JR (2016) Overwintering sites of ladybirds, shieldbugs and allied species in Hertfordshire woodland: how important is aspect? Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society 48(1): 86–8. [ARTICLE]


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Gray J, Koricheva J (2017) The impact of partial overstorey removal on insect and arachnid diversity in temperate and boreal forests: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Poster and lightning talk presented at: Ecology Across Borders, 11–14 December, Ghent, Belgium. [POSTER]

Gray J (2016) Do insects that overwinter as adults in British woodland exhibit a preference for south-facing hibernacula? Oral presentation at: Forest Insects and their Allies Second Annual Meeting, 5 April, Peterborough. [ABSTRACT]


Gray J (2016) The little things that matter: The world of invertebrates. Talk at the Herts and Middlesex Festival of Wildlife, 31 July, Hertford.

Gray J (2016) Invertebrates on an old French lavender farm. Talk for the British Naturalist's Association Herts branch, 5 March, Welwyn.


deep green earth

Hornet feeding on a fig in The Lot, France