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I am a nature lover, an amateur field naturalist, and a conservationist. I live on a large island in the North Atlantic Ocean that an infinitesimal proportion of the Earth's beings call Great Britain.

Through a process of elimination – in which art and music have proved too challenging for my hands, organizing things too stressful for my brain, and chaining myself to trees beyond what my stomach can stand – I find myself being a writer. The products of this include prose on the EARTH TONGUES blog, as well as fiction (under the pen name DEWEY DABBAR). I also spend time volunteering as a park ranger.

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Joe Gray

Joe obscuring a view of more interesting beings

Current editor and advisor roles

Production and Fiction EditorThe Ecological Citizen [WEBSITE]

Co-editorRewilding Successes [WEBSITE]

Knowledge Advisor – United Nations' Harmony with Nature programme [WEBSITE]

Associate EditorEuro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration [WEBSITE]

Past editor roles

Past Editor-in-ChiefThe Hertfordshire Naturalist

Past teaching roles

Tutor – Field Studies Council

deep green earth

Broad-bodied chaser, England


MSc in Forestry, Bangor University

MA gratis and BA Hons in Zoology, Christ's College, University of Cambridge

Secondary school education, Newent Community School


I have previously held fellowships of the British Naturalists' Association, the Linnean Society, the Royal Entomological Society, and the Zoological Society of London. While all of these organizations do much good work, I made a decision to redirect my annual membership fees to charities that more directly support conservation initiatives.


deep green earth